Alerting Contacts in a cell



We have a sheet that we use as an IT ticketing sheet and Form. I setup an automation so that whenever a comment or attachment is added to a row it will notify (email) whoever the assigned technician on that ticket is. This works great when the end users comment, however, when the IT technician makes a reply or a new comment they get an email notification as well. Is there any way to only send out alert emails when the comment is made by any user except for the contact in the cell who will be receiving this alert?


  • Brandon R.
    Brandon R. Employee

    Hello Jovill,

    I went ahead and tested this in my own sheet and did find that there isn't a specific way within the workflow to set a condition for the contact list. Because the workflow is setup to notify whoever is set in that contact list, even if the change is made by the individual themselves it would send it out.

    The potential workaround would be disabling the "include my changes in sheet notifications" option under notifications. But this is a double edged sword in that if the assigned to party needs to be notified about changes that they are making elsewhere, they will no longer be notified. I would use this with caution, but if users who are making changes don't need that notification, then they can disable this no problem.

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