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Added Ability within Dynamic View to Group Views in a Folder-type Structure

For anyone using Dynamic View with over 30 views, it gets increasingly difficult to manage your views when views are pertaining to different areas (clients, departments, etc) are spread out in the list. I currently have almost 200 views which pertain to a multitude of different clients that I work with listed out with no ability to group or even sort by a criteria such as client or department (outside of using a naming convention allowing me to sort ascending or descending). Clients do not necessarily want or need to have their company name as a prefix on all of their Views and without that, sorting is hardly effective.

Managing these views would be exponentially easier if we had the ability to group views in a workspace/folder structure similar to how native Smartsheet functions. This ability would clean up Dynamic View's home screen and allow consultants, such as myself, and admins of large companies to have a much easier way to manage their views.

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