Jira Integration - follow Row across sheets

I have a workflow for my team that uses 3 sheets. All requests come into the 'Intake' sheet using the Smartsheet form. Once approved, those rows are moved to the 'in progress' sheet. Once completed, those rows are moved to the 'completed' sheet.

I have certain requests that require I engage a separate team which works out of Jira. I'd like to sync with Jira based on a specific cell content. But allow the row to move through my sheets and stay linked to Jira.

Can the Jira integration support this?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @jtfox76

    The JIRA connector works with one sheet at a time. This means you could potentially set up multiple workflows, one workflow per-sheet, but you would likely end up with a number of rows that appear in each sheet as "filtered out by connector" when they no longer meet your filter criteria for that sheet.

    I would suggest having one Sheet synced with Jira, then use multiple Reports looking at that sheet to create your 3 separate processes.