Smartsheet Form - Latest entry is the only "actively" reported


I have a form for people to fill in that reports how ready they are for security. As this is evolving they can be expected to fill this in from time to time to measure how ready they are. So I only want the latest line from the form to be reported on.

My system in place for this at the moment is to have a "Constant" column that registers which row to report on.

As shown above the column with a C in it will be the one that gets reported on. The one's with an N will not. All my cross sheet formulas depend on the C being present to read the right row.

I think this is all the correct way to do this however the process to report the correct row is manual and is left up to others rather than me to do.

Can anyone think of a way to make this process automatic. So that when a new row is added from the form it gets the C and the old rows get an N.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.