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Using the Attachments, Comments, Proofs and Row Indicators Columns in Formulas.



It would be really awesome if we could use the "Attachments, Comments, Proofs and Row Indicators Columns" in Formulas. Just as a reference point. "Like Helper Columns"

Example, if there is a update request pending, I could then reference that column to do XYZ if there is or is no attachment. same with the rest of those other columns, and combined with automation it would really open a lot of extra functionality to Smartsheet's

Thank You and Kind Regards!

Brandon Austin

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  • Bob Wiedenbeck
    edited 03/06/24

    I have the same desire, but for use of the locked status in CardView sorting. I have a column formula which identifies whether an action item is due soon, overdue, completed, or due in the more distant future based on an evaluation of target dates and current dates... but that process doesn't allow for 'header' rows in the sheet... like navigation links to other sheets, and/or Parent rows for Open or Closed items. So, my column format treats all of these header rows as "overdue" (since I provided for all actions/rows without a target date defined to be classified as "overdue", {needing review}). This puts all of these items into the Card View when they don't really belong there.

    I can also see where reviewing a sheet, or when generating a report that retrieves rows, some of which might have comments or attachments, it would be nice to be able to highlight those rows in some way so that attention is brought to them as having additional information available for review (this is not currently seen visibly in the report other than the small comment balloon or paperclip icon). This would require Conditional Formatting on rows based on Comments and or Attachments Row Status Indicators being flagged.