Milestone summary pie chart across multiple sheets


I am looking to create a pie chart that shows the total number of milestones on track, in progress, not started, etc. across multiple sheets. I have all the same formulas in the Sheet Summary tab across all the sheets, and they are pulled into one report. And, I have the columns summarized on the sheet summary report. Is it possible to create a single pie chart to represent these across al the plans?

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    Accepted Answer:

    • Add a helper Summary Field that has identical data in each of your sheets.
    • Create a Sheet Summary Report to bring all your data in one place.
    • Group that Report by the identical Summary Field, so that you have one Grouping
    • Summarize the columns/fields you want totals of

    Then since your Report has one layer of both Grouping and Summary, the Chart Widget can read that second line beneath the Total.

    Here's an example:

    Notice how I have both a "Total" row at the top of the Report and a Grouped section? This means that the Chart can now read the first Grouping (which contains the exact same data):