How do you schedule (one off) weekend with a precedor task

Hi All

My project plans have weekends turned off as the majority of our work is not completed on weekends.

However, occasionally we need to schedule work to be completed on the weekend. I read on this forum that you can use the elapsed time in your project by adding an "e" ahead of the duration. However, the only way I could manage to get this to work is by removing the Prefecessors which now causes a break in my critical path.

Does anyone know how to resolve it? Or a better way to do it?

Jeffrey McMillan CAPM, PMP

Project Manager, Financial Applications ERP


  • Jeffrey McMillan
    Jeffrey McMillan ✭✭✭
    edited 10/22/22

    I should also note that my precedessor that I removed was "148FS+2D". My issue is the task before (148) is on a Friday, and the next task (149)is a Sunday.

    Jeffrey McMillan CAPM, PMP

    Project Manager, Financial Applications ERP

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jeffrey McMillan

    There currently isn't a way to add elapsed time into the Predecessor field. The Predecessor days that you're adding on are set based on the Project Settings (so 2 working days).

    This means that either you can use Elapsed time in the Duration field or use Lag Days with the Predecessor, but not both.

    To keep the critical path, you could add a helper task on the Saturday Date, with a Predecessor of 148 without any lag days and a 2-day elapsed duration. Then have your next task dependent on this new task, again without any lag days.

    Please also add your voice to this enhancement request posted in the Product Feedback category in the Community - you can vote on the Idea request by clicking the number and up arrow, as well as add a comment as to how this update would benefit your projects: