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Data Transfer Between Forms or From Grids

There are two things I miss about data in form management: 1 - A form could open another, already taking data. For example: I would like to be able to fill out a purchase order and, in the middle of the process, be able to insert a product into the database or a supplier, which was already linked to the original form. Currently, the forms are completely independent and this particularity makes it difficult for less skilled users. 2 - Another aspect is the impossibility of editing existing information using forms. I would like to be able to open a specific record via form, edit and save. Incidentally, navigation between records through forms would also be excellent. All these cases demand the possibility of transferring data to specific search fields, either between forms or from a grid to a form.

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  • Hi @Paulo Ferrer

    This is possible but the web form would need to be build for you.

    Please, see below solution (and you can use the web links to the form).

    Please, do not use your real data as anyone can see it!

    • I have created a custom sample form which is asking for some fields (email is marked as required as ideally in working app you would add automation to send email with the link for the update).

    Link to the form:

    • once you submit the form the data is added to the Smartsheet together with a link that if clicked on will open the web form with the data that had been already filled in.

    Click here to preview the smartsheet with current form entries and you can edit them:

  • I will second these suggestions. I would love to have the ability to add a search box and the ability to search a Sheet so that I can use a form to update data (so some fields would be filled based on the value found in the search field) and the data could either be changed/updated or other empty fields could have added info.

  • Alan P.
    Alan P. ✭✭✭✭
    edited 10/25/23

    I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but I'd really like to see a form that could pull data. An example would be if a person opens a form and enters their name (or other unique identifier), the form could prepopulate known data for that person. Definitely useful for people who would like to resume a form from an earlier date.

  • McBry68
    McBry68 ✭✭

    I have a form that collects information when we issue PPE to our employees. When the employee enters their employee number, I would like the form to search and display when and if the employee has been issued PPE prior and when it was issued. This will allow us to request the old PPE (safety vests or hard hats with company logo) to be returned to us for disposal. I don't want the people issuing the PPE to have access to the Smartsheet.

    We still want to be able to complete the form no matter the data returned. I think others would find this a useful feature as well. Thank you.