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Populating webforms with data from sheet

David Muskett
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi friends,

I will try and explain what I am trying to achieve:

I have an issue tracking sheet with columns effectively divided into 3 sections:

1) Originator raises an issue on a webform, on clicking "submit" the sheet is populated. This works fine.

2) A webform is then created from the cells in the row corresponding to the data entered by the originator, the "issue". with additional fields so that the person responsible for answering the query can propose a solution to the issue. Clearly it is important that the originators data cannot be edited.

3) when the step 2 webform is submitted, the relevant cells (the responders answer) are populated by the responder and the revised webform is sent to the originator. Effectively the originators fields and the responders answers completed. Additional fields are presented to the originator who has the option of accepting or rejecting the answers.

Therefore, the sheet has rows for each issue divided into 3 sections each corresponding to a webform:

Originators questions

Responders proposals

Originators acceptance or rejection.

My problem is that I cannot work out how to automatically populate the second webform with data entered by the originator. 

Also, I cannot work out how to automatically send the webform to the responder when the originator clicks submit and the sheet is populated.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Punch list project_Page_1.jpg

Punch list project_Page_2.jpg

Punch list project_Page_3.jpg

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  • David Muskett

    Hi again,

    so, after a great deal of searching, I have found that what I want to do is not technically possible, bah!

    There is a slightly messy workaround in that one creates the issue then manually sends an update request with the originators data held in locked cells.

    Messy but workable, however, the final step of originator sign off is also manual.

    So, a resultant question:

    Is their a Zaiper or IFTTT zap automatically sends an update request on detection of a new row?

    I know zapier can send an email but I want to send an update request to the receiver updates from the update form and the sheet is populated, email only is not fit form my purpose.


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