Comment Threads in Subscription Emails now generally available

Hi Community, 

You now have access to Comment Threads in Subscription Emails.

Previously, Subscription Emails only showed the latest comment in the thread, however, some users didn’t feel like they had enough information to take action directly from the email.

The new Subscription Emails will provide additional context to subscribed users about the conversation by showing the following details in addition to the latest comment in the thread:

  • The parent comment
  • The second-last reply in the comment thread
  • A visual indicator showing how many previous replies there are in the thread, even if they aren’t displayed in the email.

Now, subscribed users will have more context about the conversation just from reading the email without having to go into the sheet. This makes Subscription Emails more actionable as users are empowered to respond to them directly and move work forward, faster.  

This new update is available to licensed users on all plan types and Trial users.

Learn more about how to have targeted conversations with comments.

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Lekshmi Unnithan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

New Subscription Email screenshot: