Can you have an embeded task list in dashboard that copies?


I want to make an interactive dashboard. Can I embed a task list into my dashboard, of my Project template set, that will link to the new copied smartsheet? The simple answer is it links back to the original sheet link it was copied from. Is there a way to make it work? Then you only have to interact with the dashboard and not go between sheets. This will make it more likely that the task list gets filled out.



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @BASS

    It looks like you've used a Published Sheet link as a Web Content widget in your Dashboard. In this instance, there currently isn't a way to adjust the URL to make it automatically point to a newly created sheet's published link when you save the Dashboard as a new copy.

    You will need to go into the new sheet, create a Published Link, then manually replace the current Web Content URL with the new one.

    I would suggest having a folder that contains all the Smartsheet items you want copied. Then in the Dashboard you can include template instructions... for example, a Rich Text widget above the current sheet with instructions for whoever is duplicating this folder to replace it with the new link.



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