How to show resource allocation from multiple sheets including Leave calendar

I have just discovered Resource Views, which allows me to create a %Allocation column in my sheet and display %Allocation per Assigned users. I have two sheet which have set up the %Allocation, 1. "Pipeline" and 2. "Leave Calendar". However the resource allocation sheet in Resource views is only picking data from my Pipeline but not my leave Calendar. Can I make it pick up %allocation data across multiple sheets and consolidate it in the resource allocation sheet. From the image below you can see only the pipeline data being used.

The other anomaly I noticed was in my "Pipeline" sheet, under project settings/Resource management, I have three options (Disabled, Resource Management by Smartsheet and Legacy Resource management)

In my "Leave calendar" sheet, under project settings/Resource management, I only have two options. Im not sure why, and if this is somehow impacting the way that data is picked up by the Resource allocation sheet,

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks