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I am trying to use helper columns to consolidate form submissions onto the top row of a sheet, in order to use Document Builder to populate a PDF with the inputs from eight different sessions. There are about 10 columns per session.

In the screenshot below, the "Which Session" column is a drop-down list with radio buttons for sessions 1-8 on the form; the "S2: Date -f" column is a text field I added as a helper column, and the "S2: Date" column is a date field, also returned from the form submission.

There will only be one entry in the "S2: Date" column, even after all eight form submissions have been collected (other than row 1). The same for the "S3: Date" column (not shown), etc, etc.

The screenshot shows how I have structured the INDEX(MATCH formula. I'm not sure why I'm getting the "NO MATCH" error.

Ultimately, what I need is all of the form responses from eight sessions copied up to row 1, so I can then trigger an automation to run the document builder.

The formula will only exist on row 1. I copied it down so I could show the formula in the screenshot.

If the formula in the screenshot is difficult to read, here is a copy/paste from the sheet:

=INDEX([S2: Date]:[S2: Date], MATCH("2", [Which Session]:[Which Session]))

Can someone help me troubleshoot this formula?

Geoff Parkins

Parkins Financial, LLC

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