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Quick Sort Card View (Sheets and Reports)

Allow users to sort card lanes (individual lanes) both in sheet and card view in order to ease workflow. This is a fairly common features in most Kanban softwares and would be a welcome addition to improve Smartsheet.

Ideally this would be something a user could do themselves OR is an automation or report level standard (e.g. like in grid view how you can sort by dates, titles, etc.)

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We have some exciting new updates coming to Card View and support for in-lane sorting is part of that longer-term refresh. While it's still too early to share specifics, please continue to up vote this idea and keep an eye on it for future updates!


  • Yes, PLEASE to all of the above! I'm afraid without this my team is going to want to abandon this solution altogether since card view was how I got everyone on board to begin with, just to realize it's slowly us down with these limitations.

  • We need a feature to be able to sort the card view by either due date or priority or both. the sorting feature on the grid view is perfect, just need it to be able to apply to the card view and be automatic.

  • Yes please! Sorting in card view takes a lot of time. It would be a huge improvement if the sort order from Grid View carried over to Card View.

  • PLEASE implement!!!! Manually sorting the cards is very time-consuming. My team and I would greatly appreciate this feature.

  • It would be great to be able to sort by date in Card View.

  • We run a production workflow with card view and integrate with Zapier to another platform. Each program has specific due dates and priorities. At present, we have to move back and forth to grid view to sort and explore where our many projects are relative to priorities and due dates. We love the card view but when we reach a large number of active projects (for us this is just over 200+) the whole card view gets a bit clunky and unwieldly especially as any sorting in grid view isn't reflected in card view. This is understandable, but if we were able to do a sort in card view and then within that sort, be able to then make manual moves to fine tune the results - that would be fantastic!!

  • Definitely need to add the date option in Card View!

  • Updated on 7/23!? Are there any new updates on the status of this? It would be great to at minimum have the sort functionality in the grid view translate over to the card view. Looking forward to updates.