Conditional Formatting and IF Formulas

Hi all,

I'm working on an automated KPI Tracker, which works well.

However, I'm after some advice on how I can make the sheet work better for the team.

I'm using a series of IF Formulas in Helper Columns to determine if the monthly values are reaching the years target. However, Smartsheet is colour coding future months with no values as 'Yes' or 'No'.

=IFERROR(IF(November@row = [This Years Target]@row, "Yes", "No"), "Not Present")

Ideally, if the month's data hasn't been submitted the November (and the future months) cells should just be white with no conditional formatting applied.

I think my issue is in my IF formulas, they are too basic.

However, I want to try and keep this sheet as generic, so it can be used for following years, its just the Year Target that changes for next year if that makes sense.

Thanks in advance,