NEW! “Is one of” filter for Work Insights

John Hieger
John Hieger Employee
edited 12/21/22 in Product Announcements

Hi Community! 

You can now select the "is one of" or "is not one of" condition in the Work Insights filter menu. When selected, the list of values available for the selected column will be shown so you can select the one you want. The list will include the values that are currently present in the sheet. Historical values will not show up.

This feature is available for Enterprise plans.

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John Hieger, Product Marketing Manager


  • Hello - I just wanted to add that there seems to be a character limit of 100 in order for an entry to show up in the drop-down when you use the "is one of" or the "is not one of" filter. Any of entries that have 100 or more characters did not show up in the drop-down option. Hopefully this is helpful information for others who encountered this issue while trying to use the feature.