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Improved Gantt Scrollbar Controls

TomG ✭✭✭✭✭

Multiple colleagues have hit this scenario. At some point in the life of a sheet (I'm awaiting feedback from support on the specific triggers), the scroll bars will reduce in size and make large jumps in time when the scroll bar is moved horizontally. For example, the gantt is set to days and weeks, sheet is about 200 rows and about 50 columns. Start and Finish dates are within a 2 month period(i.e. December and January). Gantt will move 3-9 months with the most minimal movement of the scroll bar. Adjusting the gantt does not change the behavior. This renders the gantt useless on a short project.

If the sheet is copied with data and formats, the gantt behavior will exist in the new sheet. If the sheet is copied without data and formatting, the gantt will revert to a larger bar and will smoothly scroll based on whatever timeline settings are selected.

My improvement request/idea is to make the gantt scroll self adjust based on the timeframes in the sheet when the gantt view is opened. If the plan/sheet that looks only 3 months ahead, the gantt scrolling should initially adjust to a timeframe that is roughly aligns to the date included in the plan, 4 or 5 months as an example. If the project is a longer project, the initial scroll setting should be a reasonable time window based on the gantt timeline settings. The scrolling should be smooth based on the gantt timeline settings (days, weeks, months, etc.) for both types of views.

An alternative would be to add some sort of controls that can be set at a sheet level that create a default view of the gantt when the gantt view is opened.

Thanks for your time and consideration to vote this up, from both myself and my internal customers who are trying to adopt a Smartsheet based solution for their materials planning

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