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Right Click new Tab or window

Enable Standard Browser shortcuts - Smartsheet has disabled some standard browser functions. This is one of the top 10 complaints I get from users.

  1. you can not right-click and open anything in a new tab or window.
  2. You can not hit Ctrl+Click to open in a new Tab.
  3. Mainly the left toolbar.

I would like to see all standard browser functions to be re-enabled.

Joe Goetschel | Smartsheet Director

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We are also thinking about this idea! It's not currently part of our plan but we will make updates to this status if we believe we can make this idea a reality.


  • Jess Bowles
    Jess Bowles ✭✭✭

    If you are in a grid and want to open another one while keeping the first one open also, you MUST go back to the browse page, and only then can you middle click to open up multiple tabs.

    It would be very beneficial to permit users to middle click or right click "open in a new tab" on the home, browse, recent, etc.

  • How has this taken so long to implement. Smartsheet is rendered so clunky because of the lack of this feature.

    TPNSHA ✭✭
    edited 07/12/23

    It would be convenient and a better experience from a user perspective if links to files from the browse section opens the files in a new tab, it will lead to better user experience since right now the user has to duplicate a tab or go back from the current page to the browse window to access other files which are needed at the time or has to go through File -> Properties and open the browse section to open the new file. It would be efficient to open the file in a new tab with a single click rather than traversing or multiple clicks and ways. Preserving the browse window in a separate tab for the user to reference files to go back to multiple workspaces or even the same workspace.

  • Celia Gust
    Celia Gust ✭✭✭

    I agree! Open in an new tab should be the default for every link. When using several sheets, it's so frustrating to realize that a sheet has been closed because a link was clicked. I did set my browser to default to always open in a new link and this has helped a little. It would be great if all links and pages always opened in a new tab.

  • MitchK
    MitchK ✭✭

    Hi, I just want to add my voice to this request.

    The default action from clicking a link should always be to open in a new tab. It would actually be nice if the folder browser were separate on the left side and clicking on sheets opened then into a new tab. Thanks.

  • Agreed! I just had a conversation about how useful function would be. I'd like to be able to right click and open a sheet in a new tab (both from links within a column of a sheet AND Pages in my work app. This slows our team down a lot.

  • Don Young
    Don Young ✭✭✭✭
    edited 12/13/23

    I love that you can do this (right click to open in new tab) in the workspace panel for sheets and reports.

    Please add this same capability from the workspace panel for folders and the workspace itself too!

  • E123
    E123 ✭✭

    Please allow right click open a new tab or default all links to be opened in a new tab. At the very least allow right click copy link. SO frustrating.

  • h_inda
    edited 01/20/24

    Hi, I cannot right click at all on any cell on my sheet. I am trying to edit column formula. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance

    EDIT: NEVERMIND. I figured it out. I am on a MAC. I did not know I had to click control button while right clicking!