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Access to All workspaces, sheets, dashboards and reports

It would be helpful if a System Admin or new role had access to all workspaces, sheets, dashboards and reports. Currently, we don't have a way to see how the organization is using Smartsheet. I can run a Sheet Access report, but, I don't have the ability to see how Smartsheet is being used.

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  • This has been suggested for years now. I have no idea what the hesitation is with this. All of the other platforms we use have this capability as Sys Admin. It is hindering our use and understanding of Smartsheet. I have been asking for this since Engage 2019. :) Can we PLEASE get any forward movement with this?

  • I would like both what is described above as well as a "view only, view all" Currently our CEO is able to look at anything they want in any folder on our file share. Since they are in charge of it all they can see it all. They would like to have that same ability in Smartsheet so nothing is 'hidden' from them. But that only works if the person who build the sheets remembers to share it to them.

  • Carol-Anne Cerbone
    Carol-Anne Cerbone ✭✭✭✭✭

    Definitely need to have this functionality as a system admin. Need to know what people are putting out in their workspaces so that it complies with out IT standards.

  • Stu Benoff
    Stu Benoff ✭✭✭✭
    edited 07/21/23

    I am sorry, but, I do not agree with this request, as written, so maybe it could be fine-tuned? We have many HR, research, financial and other very private data in some of our sheets and, as a System Admin, I do not want access to this data unless the owner or other authorized individual specifically grants it to me. Having it the way you suggest feels like a violation of audit and compliance regulations.

    I think you could have a policy that "asks" your owners to grant view access to a CEO-READONLY account and give that to the CEO and, as a system admin, you could audit that these shares are/are not in place by using the Sheet Access report. Then, only the CEO, and NOT the system admin would be authorized to login using the CEO-READONLY account.

    I feel like if I had this functionality then I could held accountable for any violations or misuse of the tool and that sounds to be above my pay grade.

    I have been thinking about a similar need to what you're describing and contemplating the use of a survey to capture it. We could build a sheet from the sheet access report and send update requests to the owner of each sheet asking them to "check off/certify" the types of data contained in the sheet. This puts the responsibility on them. If they don't answer or answer honestly that's on them. I'm not risking my job over their misuse.

    Know what I mean? Happy to discuss further.

  • Robbert
    Robbert ✭✭

    I don't need access to the content, but having a way retrieve a list of all sheets, reports, dashboards, etc. and some stats about them would making administrating Smartsheet much easier. Also being able to take or reassign ownership would be nice to have.