Forms for employee surveys

I am planning to use Forms to complete an all-employee survey of approx. 16,000 people. The link will be shared during an all-employee webcast and the post webcast communication.

Will there be any issues if thousands of people click on the link and try to complete the survey at the same time?



  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Becca S,

    When multiple submissions are sent to the same sheet, if they can't populate this at once, they should enter a queue and should start populating one by one in the same order they entered the queue once the sheet is accessible. However, 16,000 submissions at once might be too many for the system to process at once and this may cause some data loss.

    There are, however, different approaches that you may take to miminize the likeliness of impact:

    • If possible, set schedules for people to populate the Form separately
    • Create multiple copies of the Sheet and Form and share the different links with different groups of people. You may consolidate all sheet (Form entries) by means of Report where all relevant sheets are scoped. Note that although there isn't a hard limit on the maximum of sheets that a Report can handle, we can't guarantee the Report will work as expected after 250 sheets have been scoped.

    I hope these ideas can be of help