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Add Tasks to Calendar View in a sheet

Marc Shecter
Marc Shecter ✭✭✭✭✭

Currently, we brainstorm tasks using a Quip calendar and then manually transfer the tasks to a Smartsheet project plan for tracking. We find that for group meetings, positioning tasks on a Monthly Calendar is an easier, more understandable way to visualize a series of tasks. Within Quip, we view a month-by-month calendar. We add items to the calendar, name them, drag and drop them to the right date, stretch them to the right end dates, etc. See below for a capture of the Quip calendar.

Enhancement Request

We need this Quip functionality within the Smartsheet Calendar view. This will enable us to do this brainstorming within Smartsheet, and don't have to take the extra time to transfer the data manually over to Smartsheet. The manually transferring of the data is a time consuming, row by row activity and injects the risk of human error.

Specifically, we need the following features in Calendar View:

  1. add a task (task name)
  2. drag task to correct start date
  3. drag task around to change its start/end date
  4. drag the right side of the task to the correct end date
  5. Edit the task details

Example of Calendar in Quip:


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