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Attachment capability for Docusign integration

It would be fantastic if there was the ability to attach files in the Docusign generation. It would make a large-scale project that our group performs every year much faster and easier for all of the users.

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  • Agreed, we are finding the need to attach PDFs to the rows that support our change requests going out for docusign approval. If it could bundle into a singular PDF that would be even better.

  • scottreiter
    scottreiter ✭✭✭✭

    Agree. We have multiple documents that are attached in smartsheet that need to go along with the generated document that is sent to DocuSign for signature. For example, we generate a cover letter, but then the supporting documents need to be included as part of the DocuSign envelop. Currently, we use the 'Create in DocuSign as Draft' option to intercept it in DocuSign and then manually add the attachments before the envelop is sent. However, this involves manual intervention which is time consuming.

  • JenR
    JenR ✭✭

    Not sure how to upvote this request. We have an expense process where users fill out a form with relevant data and attach receipts. It's routed for approval (the only way approvers can view the receipts), and then a DocuSign is generated with the data auto-populated. However, those signing off on the metadata would like to view the receipts at the same time they are signing off on them via DocuSign.