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Organizing Attachments in a Sheet


I was searching for a way to better organize attachments, but could not find a solution.

At present I can only sort by name or date and the result is a very flat structure.

There appears to be no easy way of grouping documents like a set of folders (document groups) or where I can group documents together in a preferred order, with some delineation between them. I would like to order documents in a sequence, not necessarily by just by date or by document name, but by (for instance) a checklist item order.

Also I note that even after using the current sort options, when I return to the sheet, order goes back to a default order e.g. “by Date” as the default ordering of attachments.

Belo is an example of the ordering or grouping according to a "Gate" review sequence. This is on a row-by-row basis, as each row represents a product development which is being assessed at various times (or Gates)


Attachments for Row 1


G1 PDF – Customer Request

G1 XLS - Specification

G1 DOC – Development Plan



G2 XLS – Risk Register

G2 PDF – Sign-off

G2 DOC -









So the requirements are:

  • Attachments can be ordered by preference, not just date, size or alphabetically
  • There is a delineator between document groups i.e. a folder, or a heading / separator
  • The order of attachments can be changed (drag and drop?) as preferred
  • The order of attachments remains the same after save / refresh – does not reset to a default order
  • The order of attachments in a Smartsheet
  • 1. can be applied across all attachments in a Smartsheet if desired
  • 2. can be made different on each row, not all the same e.g. we might order row 1 by date, but row 2 by the “preferred” order, if desired

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