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Approval Workflow - Multiple Contacts - One or All Approval Option


Having the option to require approval from all contacts in a cell or one of, would remove the need to have "request and approval" actions within a single workflow that request an approval from a group of people who all need to provide approval from a project to progress.

Example Use Case: all members of an executive team are required to sign off on any new project proposal that is submitted.

Currently the only way to facilitate this is to create sequential request an approval actions within a workflow, resulting in some people in the group not knowing about the proposal if a person earlier in the approval sequence rejects the proposal.

Example Use Case: approval from one of a group of three people is required for a change request to be considered approved.

While this use case is currently supported, if the option for all people in the group to approve, there would need to be an option for "one of" the group as well to maintain this functionality.

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