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Keerthana ✭✭
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Can you help me how to check log file of Smartsheet-salesforce connector. To create the old one as new one connector by checking the log files




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Keerthana

    If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to copy or duplicate a current workflow within the Salesforce Connector with Smartsheet.

    What I would suggest doing here is take screen captures of the Edit Workflow pages so that you can re-create the workflow:

    1. First, disable the workflow. 
    2. Once the workflow is disabled, edit the workflow and take screenshots of each section of the Edit Workflow process. 
    3. Then, you can create a new identical workflow and make sure all of the same settings are in place in each workflow.
    4. Have it point to the same Sheet and Salesforce Object if needed.


    However if you're looking for the Workflow Support Information File from the Connector, here are the steps to get this: 

    1. In the Salesforce Connector dashboard, select the timestamp under the Last Run column of the workflow. This action takes you to the workflow run history where you can see any error messages for each run.
    2. Select the timestamp under Last Run for the latest run of the workflow.
    3. On the following page, go to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines in the upper left) and choose Download Workflow Execution Support Info.