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Notification Icon Enhancement - Change Colour when notification successfully sent.


I use the notification icon to set up notifications to staff as reminders to fill out forms on a certain date. I love this feature but what frustrates me a little is that once the notification is sent, the icon disappears. This may have been a good idea from your perspective, however, the removal of the icon once the message is sent has often led me to second guess as to whether I set up an original notification when I look at the sheet on a future day.

Would it be possible for the icon to change from its initial colour of 'Blue' to a 'Green' colour to denote that it was sent successfully? In this fashion, I can look back at my Smartsheet and indeed confirm that I did set up a notification and it indeed was sent successfully. This also serves to confirm with my team that a notification was successfully sent should they question as to whether they received it or not. This will serve as an important confirmation for me as a manager of this sheet and in managing our very important marketing campaign blast schedule to our customers.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration in facilitating this enhancement. Our company utilizes Smartsheet in so many case scenarios and have well over 200 + Smartsheets used within our company.

MJ Powell

Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd.

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