Blueprint for Different Project Plans

We have different sized projects (small, medium, large) and each one will have a different project plan template. We currently have an intake sheet setup with Blueprint so that once a project is approved the standard template is used. However, we would like to use another column in our intake sheet that shows which size the project is and have the blueprint look at that column to determine which project plan to use. I have gotten this to work by changing the approval column in the blueprint to look at the project size column (and make a different blueprint for each project size). However, I'd like to keep the approval column as the actual approval and have the blueprint look at the project size column to determine which template to use. Is this possible?


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  • Samuel Mueller
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    @Sarah123 Make a helper column that's a locked column formula that looks at both your approval column and your project size. and use that as your approval column in the blueprint.

    soemthing like

    if(approval@row=1,if(projectsize@row="large", "Large", if(projectsize@row = "medium", "Medium"......, "Not Approved"))))

    Does the concept make sense? Then in your blueprint the approval will be the helper column and the approval for each blueprint will be small, medium.. etc. for the respective blueprint. The helper column will only show small medium or large if it is also approved.