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Annual Leave should not count towards available hours

On Resource Management, annual leave hours should not be counted as available hours otherwise it provides a faulty percentage or utilisation purposes. If someone is on leave that person is obviously unavailable. This directly impacts on the utilisation percent and in order to make it more reasonable, I'm having to log the leave hours as if the person was working on a non-billable project which also impacts the numbers. Please review this feature.

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  • I agree with Paula. We'd also like to have this issue fixed. Take the following example:

    If we have:

    3 days of work scheduled (8h x 3)

    1 day of vacation (8h)

    1 unallocated day (8h)


    The capacity shown with is 80 % as in:

    4 / 5 = 80%

     The real capacity should be 75% as in:

    3 allocated days / 4 possible days = 75%

            Since 1 of the days is not a possible working day.

    Moreover, scheduling individual vacations directly in the RM (blocks in orange) would take too much time for over 100 people.

    Therefore, we’re using an internal project in Smartsheet called “vacations” since the outcome is the same. Therefore the best scenario would be that there would be a type of project that actually removes the working hours of the users in the project.