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WorkApps User Management


It would be very helpful to export a list of people/emails shared to a WorkApp and their role to match up to company lists. We use groups as much as possible but we still have a ton of others listed. It's difficult to scroll through - it's not even alphabetical (that would also help).

It would also be amazingly helpful to be able to add administrators to the WorkApp to manage users if nothing else.

• Alphabetize the list of people and the list of groups (separately)

• Export emails shared with role

• Add administrators for user management

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  • Rich N
    Rich N ✭✭✭

    Definitely agree with this.

    we need to be able to:

    • export user list with roles listed
    • delegate sharing authority so managers can oversee their own team's access
    • import list to provide sharing across large organizations
    • have a list in alphabetical order to ease removing someone when they no longer need access. I'm managing a WorkApp with over 700+ people that need access