Using IF AND & OR in the same function


I've seen a couple questions involving AND and ORs separately but nothing involving them together with IF.

I'm trying to get a checkbox to automatically check if the following criteria match:

Self Survey Column is green

Workshop Attended Column is checked off

Evaluations Column is either "completed" or 5 or above.

The first 2 bits are easy- =IF(AND([LCP Workshop Attended]@row = 1, [Self Survey]@row = "green"), 1, "")

But when I try to add the OR in like such:

=IF(AND([LCP Workshop Attended]@row = 1, [Self Survey]@row = "green", OR(Evaluations@row = "completed", Evaluations@row = >4)), 1, 0)

I get an Invalid Operation. I can only assume that means I must not be putting the OR in the correct spot, but the last data set is the only part that has 2 acceptable answers, so I was assuming if I put the OR earlier, it would think any of the 3 columns would be acceptable to base the criteria off of instead of all 3.

Please help.

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