Contact Lists

I created a column for names and entered the column type as a contact list, which works great and pulls from our company directory of names, in turn, I can create a workflow to alert that employee as the email is connected to the name in this format.

BUT, when someone submits information via the form connected to the sheet and they enter a name, the form does not allow for a contact list entry on the names. So when the information loads onto a row within the sheet, it drops the name in but does not auto-populate into the contact list format. The workflow will not trigger if the name is not in the contact list format as shown in below pic.

Any suggestions or resolutions to this problem with forms?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 01/20/23

    Hi @Lisa Rossetti

    For the contact to come through as a Contact that can be emailed, you'll want to request that the Form Submitters enter their email address instead of a text name.

    Note that this is only for Contacts that aren't in the Column Value list. If you have contacts in that list then it they will appear in the dropdown menu as you type a name 🙂

    You could add some helper text to the field to let users know what to do:



  • Thank you so much, I think this might just work for our needs :)