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Dual Horizontal Split Column Option

I know this probably isn't possible but I'll ask anyway. :)

Is it possible to create a horizontal split on a sheet where the "top" split would have different sets of columns than the "bottom" split? It would be like having two primary rows on a single sheet.

This would be like having two sheets in one for more complete information on a single sheet. The two splits could be minimized. The top split column row will always be at the top when minimized and when the bottom split is minimized it would always be at the bottom of the sheet.

The start/end of a project needs a different sets of information than the "build" portion of the project.

Examples of information for the top split columns (project start/end) like; Bid date, win date, owner info, GC info, subcontractor info, contract date, project contacts, final date, turn over date, and more.

Examples of information for the bottom split columns (build); items needed, ESD, item ship date, quantity, received date, location of the items, and more.

The two splits would almost be like two separate sheets and would be granted different levels of access. The top split access might be granted to the owner, GC, company leadership, PM, and more. Where the bottom split access might be PM, field crew, warehouse, and more.

This would also help reduce the "spread" of the sheet.

First stage of development could be the ability to merge two sheets with two primary rows. Eventually a template could be made to incorporate both splits as standard sheet.

Sounds impossible, however the Smartsheet's teams can do anything. Right?

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