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Enterprise Plans - Active Directory Integration for Contact Columns

I would like the ability to have the option to add all Smartsheet users in the same plan as dropdown options in a contact column.

For enterprise plans using AD, this would create an active staff dropdown column. This would solve many issues and workarounds for HR, IT, and PM functions.

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  • ELP@915
    ELP@915 ✭✭✭

    Agree would very useful

  • This would be applicable on almost all of the forms/sheets we use. In forms, the only way for a contact list field to capture the information we need to drive automations is to have a limited list of pre-populated users or require users to manually enter an email address; either option having its own set of issues and risks. If we could just link the fields to account members, that would make life a lot easier.

  • @Nancy Williams - Agreed! We have required the sign-in - to capture the created by column and ensure we get their email address correct. Funny how many users get it wrong. But would LOVE it linked to AD. We have had to data shuttle lists, utilizing automations to submit csv files to our AD Team to then manually update AD Groups. Let's have connections!!

    Koleen Steiner

    IT PM & Smartsheet Guru, BeiGene, Inc.