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Disable email notifications from Update Requests

I am the owner of all sheets for my company, and I regularily send out update requests to confirm if tasks are completed. It was brought to my attention that the task managers to whom I am sending the requests are receiving "Update Confirmation" emails upon submitting the Update Request Form. I am also receiving the "Update Confirmation" emails, and while it is beneficial to me to receive the confirmations, the task managers do not need to see these, as they submitted the form in the first place.

Is there a way to disable or change email alerts that are automatically sent by Smartsheet?





  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    This a feature and I know of no way to turn them off.

    However, in their email client, it should be straight forward to send their own responses to the netherworld automatically as they come in..

    One extra step for each user but once done, stays done.


    I hope this helps.



  • Hi Brittany,


    While Craig's solution will be the best option for now, I've also added your vote for being able to turn of the Update Request confirmation emails to our enhancement request list. Thanks for your feedback!



  • Chris 123
    Chris 123
    edited 07/28/16

    I consider the update confirmation being a HUGE data safety issue.



    Usually data all within smartsheet. We trust them with our data and that's OK.

    BUT the update confirmation sends data from the record and links to attachments via SMTP and POP3 - protocols that are not always encrypted - SAFETY ISSUE #1

    Emails are stored and might be kept forever on the email servers on the way from smartsheet to the colaborator. The email format is not safe at all. The entire email can be read by the email provider !!! - BIG SAFETY ISSUE #2

    The email might be received by an email client software and stored in the local hard drive of the owner and the coloborator forever without any of them actually remembering that - SAFETY ISSUE #3


    Any use will most likely have the obligation to keep data safe. This applies for probaby all companies in developed coutries, including USA in general or because of a non-disclosure agreement with a customer or because you don't want to expose data for personal/company reasons.  EMAIL IS NOT SAFE !!! 


    Therefor NO ONE should use update requests at all as long as the notification send all data by email. 


    Users will use Update Requests, because it's a great tool (and expose data) - therefor no decider can allow smartsheet to be used in a company - sorry to say. Its just super-risky.

  • PS - sorry about the typos. Can't fix them after sending. :(

    But it does not change how sever this issue is IMPO

  • Hi Chris--


    While Smartsheet is PCI SSC compliant for collecting credit card information to pay for the use of our application, adding credit card information to a sheet isn't PCI SSC compliant. Due to that, we strongly advise customers to not use Smartsheet for collecting and storing credit card information in general. 


    Semi-relatedly, Smartsheet customers who are subject to HIPAA are advised to refrain from storing PHI in Smartsheet. As a result, this should not be visible in an update request confirmation email at all, since it should really not be stored in Smartsheet. 

  • Chris 123
    Chris 123
    edited 07/29/16

    Thanks Kennedy,


    At least I see I am not on my own with my point of view.




    Even a company that would not have to be compliant with any of those or similar rules should have a hard time deciding to use smartsheet at all, IMPO. (Sadly, because the features smartsheet has can make work being very productive.)


    Everyone should think twice before sending certain information by email (email is one of the less safe ways of communication today).


    The invitation to update and the form (https://app.smartsheet.com/ ... ) suggest a certain safety. There is no hint (not even in the linked Privacy Policy) that unencrypted data will be emailed or sent though the web. 


    The Update Confirmation is like the worse case. It comes as total surprise to an external contributor who might not be familiar with Smartsheet that all data will be emailed.




  • PS: A Web Form can have a "Send me a copy of my responses" checkbox. That would already help a lot if that same concept would be applied to Update Requests - just a check box to choose if data shall be send by email...

  • Please add me to Brittany's original request.  I too have recipients of update requests that have asked not to receive (nor should they) confirmation emails.

  • I am curious if this issue has a solution yet. I am happy to be able to send a piece of the workbook for updates without exposing the parts that I want to keep private, but then the confirmation email ruins it all. 

    Thank you

  • I am also curious if this issue has a solution.  Colleagues of mine have asked to not receive the confirmation email once they submit an update.

  • Olli Matikainen
    Olli Matikainen ✭✭✭✭

    Adding my vote here... would like to see the update request with option to have the confirmation email go to the receipient after they have done the update - in most cases the receipient likely will not want the confirmation email (certainly this is the case with how we're using this).

    Thanks, Olli

  • Crigsby
    Crigsby ✭✭

    Adding my vote. To get an update confirmation for work that I've done myself is just silly.


  • jeremy.boddington77651
    edited 02/07/19

    Smartsheets team - please can we have an update here?  Why just silence from you (since 2016)?  Please tell us when we will be able to disable the automatic replies that say "Confirmation: Your update has been submitted". 

  • Adding my vote and would also appreciate some communication from Smartsheet on this. Thank you. 

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