Introducing a new report builder plus grouping and summary for reports

Brendan Reed
Brendan Reed Employee
edited 08/02/21 in Product Announcements

Hi Smartsheet Community, 

Starting today, you’ll see some changes in reports, with the release of a new report builder plus the addition of two top customer-requested features that help you create more powerful and informative reports: grouping and summary.

The new report builder replaces the previous “where, what, when, who” structure with a more intuitive building experience. In the new builder, you’ll see several new tabs in the toolbar of your report, including — Sheets, Columns, and Filter Criteria — you’ll use these tabs to build your report.

Here’s how you set up a report using the new builder:

  1. After creating a new report, click on Source Sheets to select the sheets from which you want to include information.
  2. Select Columns to Display to choose the columns you want to include from your source sheets.
  3. Choose Filter Criteria to create criteria that rows must meet in order to be displayed in your report.

Note: You’ll also see the Sort tab, where you’ll be able to select up to three fields to sort your report by.

As you can see, we’ve streamlined the process for report building by reducing the number of steps to build a report. Also, by bringing the report builder front and center, you’ll be able to more readily see included sheets, columns, and report filters.

Two additional new features further help you extract key information from reports:

  • Group: Consolidate common sets of data into groups, so rows can be organized into logical categories or classifications - like tasks by team member, sales by territory, or other parameters.
  • Summarize: Summarize information in your report by calculating totals on report columns, and groups, using functions like SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX, AVG, and more with just a few clicks.

For more information about how to use the new report builder, including group and summarize, take a look at the resources available in the Reports and Dashboards section of the Help and Learning Center. 

Note: As you’re editing dashboards that point to reports, you may notice a “Support for Reports with grouping and summary coming soon!” message. Group and summarize are not yet supported in report and chart widgets. Support for these features is on our roadmap and will be coming soon - we’ll update this post when these features are available. In the meantime, if you want to display a report and include grouping and summary, you can publish the report and use the Web Content widget to display the published report. (You’ll find more information about how to Publish a Sheet, Report, or Dashboard and Add Interactive Content to a Dashboard With the Web Content Widget in the Smartsheet Help and Learning center.)

We think these features are a game-changer for reports, and we hope you find value in them! Have any feedback on these features or suggested changes and enhancements? Send it our way by filling out the Product Feedback form (available from the menu here in Community).