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Brendan Reed
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edited 05/21/21 in Product Announcements

Hello Smartsheet Community!

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the new Smartsheet experience. This new experience includes updates that impact the platform, including: a refreshed, modern design for most of the desktop application; navigation improvements that consolidate global navigation into a new; always visible navigation bar; and a new Home experience that surfaces your most relevant requests and work in one place.

What’s included in this release?

1. Visual and styling changes

Throughout several areas of Smartsheet, you’ll notice a cleaner, more modern-looking design that features new fonts, new colors, and more white space. In sheets, Browse, Recents, Favorites, menus like the sharing modal, and Solution Center, you’ll notice new fonts, styling, and icons in many places.

2. Navigation updates

The top bar features a cleaner, brighter experience, which makes the search bar easier to find and use. The workspace logo has been moved to the left, and the search bar to the right.

The navigation bar, formerly known as the left rail, contains the same navigation options as before — Browse, Recents, Favorites, and Create — and is now always visible to provide quick access to sheets, reports, and dashboards with fewer clicks. The launch points for Notification Center, Launcher, Help, and Account Settings have moved from the top rail into the navigation bar, consolidating (almost) all navigation options (outside of search) into one area. Improvements to the new Notification Center enable you to segment alerts and requests in a centralized location, so you can easily see the updates that matter most to you.

The feature bar, formerly known as the right rail, has also been revamped with new icons and font, adding a fresh new style while keeping the same functionality.

3. Home experience

The new homepage experience, which will now be the default landing page when you log in, dynamically surfaces your most relevant and time-sensitive work in a single location.

In Home, you’ll find a section for all of the outstanding requests you’ve sent or received, so you can complete them when it’s convenient for you. You can open requests directly from this area, and even dismiss requests you’ve received and cancel requests you’ve sent, all in one place.

Additionally, Home has a “Suggested for You” section which uses machine learning to suggest sheets, reports, and dashboards based on your Smartsheet activity, so you can quickly jump back into work.

4. Sheets and reports

Sheets have a new look and feel: more white space, updated toolbars for grid, card, Gantt, and calendar views, and visual improvements to the File, Automation, Forms, and cell menus creating a cleaner, more modern-looking experience. We’ve also made visual changes to the row-level icons for Attachments, Comments, Proofs, and Update Requests, without changing any of the functionality you rely on.

Reports also feature the same updates as sheets: the icons and font have been updated in both the report toolbar and feature bar. Reports also have a new icon that makes it easy to distinguish between sheets and reports.

To learn more about these updates visit the new Smartsheet experience page, and check out the blog post from our Vice President of User Experience (UX) Feridoon “Doon” Malekzadeh, where he shares the thought process behind these changes and what is in store for the future.

The release of the new Smartsheet experience was only made possible thanks to your overwhelming feedback and the support of our amazing Early Adopter Program members. Thank you all for your help!





  • This is garbage. I honestly can't think of a more disrespectful thing to do to paying customers. I've had to send out multiple emails this morning giving a heads up about this new format. Why am I having to do more work on behalf of your incompetence? If it isn't broke DONT fix it!

  • I have emailed Brendan at SS who launched these changes to us all and asked him if he is monitoring this forum, if so he must be worried I would think. We shall see if he actually does something about it or issues the normal corporate type of response that is highly likely i would think!

  • I used to be able to drag attachments from my email into Proofs. Now it's forcing me to save/download any proof files onto my desktop before I can attach/upload a file to Proofs. This is VERY time consuming, and takes up a LOT of space on my desktop. PLEASE FIX 🙏🥺