Smartsheet - Logging me out / Closing while working

Smartsheet is logging me out / closing while I'm working on it. I have submitted a support ticket, but have not received any response or feedback.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? It seems similar to the issue that happened on 11/5/21.


  • Hi Yvonne,

    My team is also experiencing this issue. I first noticed this session issue last night. My team and I are seeing the following message as our sessions "refresh": "Your session is no longer active". I am not seeing this issue on the Smartsheet Status page, but I hope support is working towards resolution quickly. We have also submitted support tickets.

  • I have provided Smartsheet Support with an .HAR file so hopefully they can diagnose the issue quickly. Thank you for confirming others are experiencing the same issue.

  • @Yvonne Cunningham @Melissa Adams Thanks for reaching out to us. We are investigating this issue at this time. You can get the latest updates here:

  • Keith Ross
    Keith Ross ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I am also having the same issues. Not only does it happen while working in the Smartsheet but when, after the flash screen goes away and it returns me to the Smartsheet, all the changes are made are no longer there.😠

  • It seems to have something to do with being logged into a VPN while working in Smartsheet due to a recent update Smartsheet had. This was the response I received "...we believe this to be related to an incompatibility between your organization's proxy server and a recent update to the Smartsheet application."  Here is the status update posted by Smartsheet: