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Indent/Outdent Rows not showing on Reports and Dashboards


I have a Project Schedule "Sheet" that has several parent and child rows. When I created a "Report" for this same sheet, I noticed that the parent/child rows are not showing on the "Report". For example, the report is not allowing me to see which rows are indented/outdented. It would be very helpful to have a way that the indent/outdent feature is made available on Reports and Dashboards. I would prefer not to use a WBS system where I am numbering all the rows such as 1, 1.1, 1.2, etc. Also, I have already tried to bold and highlight certain rows. I ask because I would like the report to show on my dashboard with a list of all the parent/child rows accordingly. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing your idea! While this is not in our current plan we are thinking about all the ways we can make Reports even better. If we think we can make this idea a reality we'll update status here.