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Dynamic Filter on Dashboards

I really miss allowing the user to actively filter information from their dashboard view. I wish I could have a filter button that could be positioned on the dashboard. Then the user could choose to see the data of a period or a project, for example.

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We love this idea, too! This is a feature that our team is thinking about in order to improve Dashboards moving forward. When we believe we can make this idea a reality, we'll update the status here.



  • It would be nice to be able to select different data sets in a dashboard. For example, create multiple data points in multiple sheets and be able to select which sheet to pull the data from within the dashboard using a drop down menu.

  • AmandaWebb
    AmandaWebb ✭✭✭
    edited 08/07/23

    This has been very frequently requested at my employer as well! We have multiple teams within a department, and often times leadership wants and needs the flexibility to quickly compare data among individual teams and compare that against the overall. The frustration of not being able to do this, not being able to timestamp on the sheet, along with several other seemingly basic features, might be leading us away because improvements have been slow to be realized.

  • BeCus
    BeCus ✭✭

    Yes! Having an active filter on a Dashboard report would remove the need to create multiple reports for different views for the business.

  • This is where smartsheet lets me down as this is much needed ... I have voted :)

  • I have found a temporary workaround but a lot of work to set up depending on skillset and resources....

    Sheet A - Raw Data Sheet

    Sheet B - Individual Data Sheet (My dashboard will pull everything from here). This sheet contains name column (=Selection Sheet C Name Dropdown) and date column (=Selection Sheet C Date Dropdown) at top... the rest of the sheet has formulas nested if statements linking to them and pulling data from sheet A - Raw Data.....

    Report A - Individual Report - basically most the data from Sheet B in report view (less columns)

    Sheet C - Selection Sheet - Dropdown lists (Contact Name Column and a Date Column, however area etc could be used) Also a notes column to direct people.

    Dashboard - (the click to choose links to choose from selection sheet, choose desired names etc from dropdown, save and back dashboard graphs and report takes roughly 2 minutes to refresh even though it on auto refresh every 1 min)

    Thought it may help 😊

  • svenu
    svenu ✭✭✭✭
    edited 05/01/23

    Yes! We need the filter/slicer option on dashboards please :)


    Sowmya Venugopal

    CI Analyst II, Niagara Bottling

  • Phil Wightman
    Phil Wightman ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Paulo Ferrer

    I attended a ANZ SS user group a while back and there was a presentation by Office Works. As part of this them presented a dashboard that I recall had a dynamic drop down to select different stores. The dashboard woudl then change to display the results for the selected store. Not sure how they did it but looked good. Hope this helps.

  • Definitely want slicers or active ability to filter on a dashboard. Currently our PMO Metrics Taskforce team has resorted to Smartsheet for data and PBI links for our dashboards. Maybe we have to pick a "lane." Focus on data manipulation to support other reporting tools to provide the dynamic dashboards we want. But would love to have the ability to offer it here within our tool!

    Koleen Steiner

    IT PM & Smartsheet Guru, BeiGene, Inc.

  • Our Smarter Dashboards allow multiple live filters, as well as different views for different users / user groups, editing of Smartsheet data within the dashboard and the ability to drill down into your data with ease.

    Drop me a line at if you'd like to know more.

    Thanks, James

    CTO, Smarter Business Processes

  • sebastiani
    sebastiani ✭✭✭

    Hi Stacy,

    Can you provide some detail on the nested if statements you use to create Sheet B in this example. I am trying to recreate a version of this and the details would be helpful.


  • @sebastiani

    Please can you clarify which column formulas you need help with ?

    "Sheet B - Individual Data Sheet (My dashboard will pull everything from here). This sheet contains name column (=Selection Sheet C Name Dropdown) and date column (=Selection Sheet C Date Dropdown) at top... the rest of the sheet has formulas nested if statements linking to them and pulling data from sheet A - Raw Data....."


    BDM column is a dropdown name column, in cell 1 " =JOIN(Reference name cell in sheet C selection sheet) in the rest of the BDM column I just have =BDM$1

    Tasks column where mmm yy is , this is " =JOIN(Reference month/year cell in sheet C selection sheet, "")

    Just let me know what you exactly need assistance with (columns /rows)?? :)

  • Stacy Meadows
    Stacy Meadows ✭✭✭
    edited 05/31/23


    The formulas pull from the raw data sheet a, however each row is slightly different as they are pulling from different columns in the raw data sheet....

    so the achieved column

    Row with task CR =SUMIFS({CRCcomplete}, {Month yy}, Task$1, {BDM range}, BDM$2)

    They are all =SUMIFS ({REF SHEET A/ " choose relevant" COLUMN}, {REF SHEET A MMM YY COLUMN}, this sheet cell were your mmm yy is, {REF SHEET A NAME COLUMN}, this sheet cell were your name is.

    I have basically done same on the target column however if the target is a set target then you could just put the set target in there rather than a formula which I have on some :)

    I used an if statement if symbol boxes then i can get my conditional formatting running from these :)

    Also the task weight % is if they are in everyday, where as the target % considers the amount of days they were actually working that month.