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Enable File Handling in Bridge

Make it possible for Bridge to hand files as variables and results from actions.

The example being a SharePoint API call returns a file that will then exist in the reference data of that complete action.

This file/reference could then be used in future actions such as another API.

My scenario required the use of the Attachment endpoint API for Smartsheet itself.

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  • DavidJay
    DavidJay ✭✭
    edited 08/23/23

    Please create an "Add Attachment" module in the Smartsheet integration in Bridge.

    Many of the tasks that we utilize Smartsheet to manage have files attached as reference or documentation. The lack of a native method for moving attachments between sheets severely reduces the use cases for using Bridge to move rows from sheet to sheet.

    I'm pretty surprised that this has not been developed yet as there are methods for getting and adding comments. A Get Attachment method exists. It seems that an Add Attachment method would be a natural next step.


  • Rachel Beck
    Rachel Beck ✭✭✭

    Agreed - I find that this is a major feature missing from Bridge. It's a less clunky way of connecting two sheets.

  • It would be great to attach a file for a Smartsheet row that actually resides on SharePoint. Many organizations already use SharePoint, so there's no need to keep a document on Smartsheet cloud. You could then add comments to a document that is on SharePoint, or approve a document, with the workflow being in Smartsheet but the document remaining on SharePoint.