ENGAGE recap & more: Community Corner Newsletter [October 2023]

Rebeca S.
Rebeca S. Employee Admin

Hi Smartsheet Community, I'm Rebeca from the Community Team. I'm excited to let you know that from now on, this newsletter will be available every month!

Big shout-out to Genevieve for an amazing newsletter in July. πŸ‘ And now, let's get into all the highlights from the last couple of months, ENGAGE, and learn a bit more about me at the end of the issue.


Community highlights

Help us welcome some of our newest Member introductions in Show & Tell or look through the Trending section for more ways to connect.

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Popular ideas & feature requests (reviewed by the Product Team)!

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Make sure to check out everything that we announced at ENGAGE!


Community Updates

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)

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Three Factors To Consider When Evaluating A Tool For Scalability

Learn about scalability from Praerit Garg, Smartsheet Chief Product Officer and EVP of engineering

Ambassadors & Leaders

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Pass the mic 🎀 Community Champions

Community Champions are members who demonstrate product expertise and generosity in sharing best practices and support with others on the platform.

"A lot of my Smartsheet knowledge has been self taught, but leveraged from experts in the Community and from other industry leads. Watching YouTube content and communicating on forums has helped arm me with tools to quickly and effectively complete work. I also love hosting and attending User Groups!"

- @Chris Mondeau, Strategic Solutions Manager at Optimum Consultancy Services


Member Appreciation

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Member spotlights

  1. @Colleen Patterson Here

Meet Top 3 ENGAGE in-app Scavenger Hunt (And our raffle winner!)

  1. @StephanieStepney
  2. @Yusuke
  3. @Monicacraven
  4. @Joel Bordewyk


Overachiever's Motivation Mix

The Smartsheet Overachievers are here to give you the songs that will keep you going and keep you achieving! Here's what's on the playlist right now.

The 1975, "Happiness"

"Each time I hear this song, I feel like I've rejuvenated my love for rediscovering and reveling in the brilliance of something or someone. That's what this song is all about! To take a moment to stop, dance, and say 'my my my' just makes it! It's impossible to not at least bop my head. Or maybe I just love 'my my mys' because I also love 'My My My' by Troye Sivan."

- @Andria Hoyle, Material Planner II at Seagen, United States


More about me

Hey there! I'm Rebeca, the Engagement Specialist in our Community. You'll usually see me in announcements, greeting new members, commenting and responding to your questions.

A few things about me:

  1. I've been a part of the Community team since the end of May, and I've loved getting to know youβ€”and your excellent musical taste!
  2. I love reading + organizing, so I have a lot of fun keeping track of my growing book collection with Smartsheet.
  3. Outside of work, I like to spend time in nature, visiting new places, books and music.
  4. I'm Costa Rican, and greatly enjoy exploring my country. Check out the T-Rex I found! Jurassic Park was in Costa Rica, right? πŸ˜‰

πŸ‘‰ My favorite tip

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Until next time!



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