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Sheet/Workspace access request should go to owner and admin not just owner


We provision our project workspaces through control center and the account we login and do that with is a service account. Sheet request only go to the "Owner" which is a service account so the request are going to the Outlook account created for that, this isn't checked by anyone regularly and we are missing these request. Workspace and sheet request should go to both Owner and Admin(s).

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Available Now! · Last Updated

This is now available: if you have admins in a workspace or on an asset, they will get the access requests notification. This is to ensure the requests are going to people who are managing the asset and the requests aren’t bottlenecked on an individual person.


  • Laurent COUTURIER

    I agree 100%. makes sense. Thank you for the post.

    (or at least it should be an option)

  • Lauren_Alight

    When you can only have 1 owner to a workspace and access requests only go to the owner, this creates a delay and issues with granting access. Please allow admins to receive and approve access requests.

  • PSExcellence

    It seems like this is now happening, and we actually do NOT want it to function this way. Half our company are "admins" so now every person is getting an access request for a project belonging to someone else.

    How about if this Project Management software actually gave you a way to indicate WHO the Project Manager was for each project…and then the requests go to THEM.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @PSExcellence

    You're correct, the request notifications have now been updated - please see this Announcement regarding the ownership changes: Changes to asset Admin permissions and new Plan Asset Admin role.

  • PSExcellence

    Pretty funny, because I opened a support ticket and smartsheet support doesn't seem to even know this is a thing. They told me only the Owner gets this notification.

    I am not gonna lie, this update is AWFUL for my company. We need almost everyone to have Admin Access in each workspace in order to do basic things like publishing dashboards for their customer's projects or setting their project Baseline. You can't do these basic things without being an Admin. However, this does not mean we need half our company receiving a "project plan share request" for a project they aren't even managing.

    Every day there are more and more things popping up that are making it clear that smartsheet is no longer the right solution for us.

  • Aaron Cook
    Aaron Cook ✭✭
    edited 04/11/24

    @Genevieve P.

    Can we please make a slight enhancement to the new Assets Ownership Logic?

    To be clear, we are in favor of the new Asset Ownership Model – it makes sense and ultimately is a good thing. That said, our team (30+ people) is dealing with an influx of emails because every time an individual requests access to specific sheets inside our workspace all Admins get notified. Due to the nature of our work all members of our team are Admins inside the workspace, and we are not going to change that.

    • We understand from this article that the new logic looks to see if there is an active owner or Admin of an asset, then sends the access request emails to all active owners and admins
    • These access request “email blasts” are currently going out to our entire team daily, which is having a negative effect
    • Our request is that the logic get updated (slightly) where the first step in the logic is looking for an active owner and sending the access request solely to that active owner
    • If no active owner exists then the next step would be sending the access request to all Admins
    • This small update to the logic would have a significant positive impact to our team

  • kdrinkwater

    I concur with others here - by design, we have a number of Admins in a Workspace so we can work independently but these access request emails are a huge nusance and causing confusion for a number of employees.