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Email flexibility - a CC option


Hi There - part of the function I use Smartsheet for is notifying folk around changes. This almost always includes a specific recipient and a number of FYI's. Currently all recipients are at the TO: level in any email, it would be elegant if there was a CC: option as well.

Although I probably wouldn't use it Bcc: field could be useful to some folk too?

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This is a great idea - while it's not a part of our current plan, this is exactly the kind of thing our team is thinking about every day. If we believe we can make this idea a reality, we'll plan to update the status here.


  • Joerg Schmidt


    in our emails or update requests we have almost always multiple receiver.

    Regularly there is only one receiver responsible and the others have to be informed (cc or bcc).

    It would be great if you will find a way for us to mark the original receiver and the others at least in cc.

    Somehow, it seems as if the solution could be already done - as shown in the screenshot (update request)

    Some of the receivers are in bold, others not - why this? Now, there is only a small step:

    The designated receiver should be first in bold - and the others follow (not bold) with the introductory "cc:" before - possible or not ? 😏

  • Bleakley McDowell

    To enhance automated workflows that send email alerts to multiple recipients, it would be beneficial to offer the flexibility of choosing between sending individual emails (as currently supported by Smartsheet) or sending a consolidated group email, which is not currently available.

    Often, the email alerts in Smartsheet are sent to several individuals, with the requirement that any one of them can take specific action. However, when these emails are sent individually, there is no way for someone to use the "reply all" function to notify the entire group that they will handle the task. Consequently, multiple individuals may end up taking the same action without being aware that others are doing the same, or no one takes action, assuming that someone else will address the task.

    Introducing a simple checkbox in the automated workflow setup, allowing users to select between sending individual emails or a group email, would be a valuable and user-friendly feature to implement.

  • Annette M. Waddell

    Hello, Is there an update on this Submitted Idea?

    The ability for all recipients (included in one email) to see who all is getting the notification would be spectacular.

  • Nithya

    Currently automations in smartsheet are triggered to users individually and when one user sends response it does not notify everyone in contact list

    It would be of great help if we could have the To and CC feature in smartsheet like the way we have in outlook .Also while sending the attachments is their a way where end user can download all the attachments at once

  • Luke L
    Luke L ✭✭

    Adding another bump to this one. I have a workflow that sends messaging to supervisors after certain steps have been taken. I would like to cc the Business Administrators and HR on the same email but don't want to have to create another automation that does exactly the same thing, just to send to another group/individual.

    I find it odd that after you can't send consecutive updates or alerts within an automation, which could potentially solve the lack of a cc, but in some cases would be a legitimate use of the same conditional path in an automation.

    Thanks for considering this.

  • Grace Furlong
    edited 05/01/24

    I agree with Bleakley McDowell's statement. Additionally, confirming that automated email notifications were received would be beneficial. At this point, we trust that emails were received with no way of confirming.

  • Terry P
    Terry P ✭✭✭

    Just bumping this up again, it would e so useful to be able to do a 'cc' on an approval request where someone from legal or a collogues manager could be looped in without the 'execute' button

  • tovythomas
    tovythomas ✭✭✭✭

    The current format used in automations for Updates/alerts is limited in terms of the formatting. This request however is around the option to carbon copy (CC) on an update.

    In certain cases, we leverage the updates as escalation path for requests (think of a helpdesk or customer service). It would be nicer if you could for example Request an Update and make the Manager field the CC so there would be a visibility in terms of escalation.

    Current setup sends 2 different emails and notes that another email was sent to another person.

  • GwenM
    GwenM ✭✭✭

    I agree with this suggestion for an enhancement - I just found out today this isn't possible and was so disappointed! Please add this as an enhancement!

  • A.J.
    A.J. ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This would be a terrific enhancement.

  • HR Specialist

    Enhancement Please —- We need a CC on every delivery option

  • Holly C.

    Agree! Please add CC + ability to send a group email / not just emails to individuals. Needed in GOV version.

  • THS Jen
    THS Jen ✭✭

    Great idea! Would love to have a CC+ option.