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Is there a way to have the rows automatically sort ascending by date when new rows are entered?

I have a job board created that jobs are added to and dispatched from the problem is if the jobs are not ented in order by date then I have to manually sort each time. This is a 24/7 process mostly accessed by mobile devices so sort is not an option. 


  • Hi Eric-- We don't currently offer the ability to auto-sort sheets when new values are added but this is on our enhancement request list and I've added your vote for it. Thanks for your input!

  • +1 vote from me too!



  • I have added your vote, Claire!

  • Eric W.
    Eric W. ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Kennedy,


    is there a expected release date for this enhancement?  I see your comment that this is on the request list (noted on August 8, 2016).


    please also add my vote for this.  


    we have several business centers adding new orders daily to each of the areas of responsibilty and the default view is to be sorted by date.  when new orders are added (again this is being done daily).  they have to remmebr to sort the date column again or the new entries stay at the bottom of the list.  This could be problematic if the request is a rush order and does not automatically move to appropriate position in chronological order.







  • Please add the sort date.  When using our sheet, as new requests come in, it is vital to sort by the due date.  Thinking of going back to Excel, that would be a shame.  Thanks Doreen

  • Please add my vote for this

  • How is this still not a thing? You can add my vote, but I'm not holding my breath as we're going on 2 years here. Back to arm wrestling Asana for me.

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