For any Apple developers, have you tried the beta version of iPad OS, Safari and SmartSheet?  I am so wanting to eliminate carrying my Windows laptop just for SmartSheet administration.  The current SmartSheet apps don't allow it and neither does the mobile version of Safari in iOS 12.

Please let me know your experiences so far for tasks beyond just simple updates.







Hi Rick,

That would be excellent!

I'm planning to research remote server solutions so I could have a machine available from any device with the desktop Smartsheet experience, but I sure would love to have it natively on an iPad Pro instead. I'm not sure why it's not possible because the machines are probably powerful enough.

Have a fantastic week!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

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The public beta was released today for both iOS 13 and iPadOS.  I am running iPad OS on my 12.9” iPad Pro 2018.  It is looking very promising!  I can do all my account management and run my templates and forms.  I do see some glitches with scrolling.  But, this is VERY promising.

We are taking a family vacation over the 4th and now I know I don’t NEED to bring my laptop.  I’ll keep you informed on how it progresses.


I downloaded the iPadOS public beta this morning and tried Smartsheet straight away, as I too would like to reduce carrying my laptop around. It’s so close to working well, it’s just scrolling that gets in the way.

As it is, if I try to scroll through a sheet, the whole page just moves up and springs back down. I can scroll through the sheet using the arrow keys on the keyboard but that isn’t ideal for big sheets

I am using Smartsheet with an iPad Pro 2018 with iPadOS 13.1.3 (with Safari):

- We have now much more possibilities than before or with the ios 13 app, but still lightyears behind the win10 browser version ... so if you like to work with Smartsheet, buy a Laptop ... or a surface pro 7 ...

- the ios app isnt really better since the last update (23. oct. 2019). so i dont exspect that they improve it anytime soon ... sad


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Yes, it's so much better now, and we can do so much more.

I'm planning on testing other browsers, remote solutions, Android, and Surface to what works best and what the differences are.

It seems like it works best at the moment on a windows tablet.