The new December 2018 look prevents easy navigation and inhibits work-flow.  This is not a positive update.  I see numerous posts expressing the same opinion.  Please bring the tabs back or make them an option.


I completely agree! We need the tabs back!

PLEASE bring back the tabs!!!!

Smartsheet is a column based tool. By eating up the left side of the screen with the new layout, you have removed valuable real estate and reduced the number of columns we can view.

Who thinks up this stuff? Are you working in a Microsoft like vacuum environment?

YES, please make the tabs an option.  I DO NOT like having so many tabs across the top of my browser window because I used to have multiple sheets open at the same time.  This will seriously impact the workflow for those of us that used to have multiple sheets open and still use the browser for other things.

I need the tabs back too. It was very convenient having one Smartsheet window with each of my sheets easily viewable in a row across the top. Now I have to have a dozen internet tabs open to do the same thing? Who thought that was a good idea? It's not even an "added feature", you could have had multiple web tab opened before if you wanted to.

Measurable negative effect on workflow - fact.

Measurable positive effect on workflow - fiction.

Please put it back.

Please, please bring back the tabs!

Not having the ability to easily navigate between sheets via the open tabs at the top of the screen is ever-increasingly infuriating. I keep one tab open at all times which is my template. From that tab I frequently 'Save As New'. Now with the redesign, I am forced to make additional mouse clicks.

Mouse Clicks. This needs to be an item in your Design FMEA's, or whatever program your team uses for planning. If the new design increases the number of mouse clicks a user must make, then the negativity score rises. The higher the score, the more attention should be given to the design choice(s) affecting such score.

I love everything Smartsheet, but really, really, REALLY HATE this new feature - I also vote for bringing back the tabs. At the very least, make it a feature that can be turned on or off in the user account preferences. 

Like many fellow users, I'm not happy that Smartsheet took a feature that worked well (easy to navigate and manage tabs) and replaced it with what is now an inefficient, clunky process! This change is actually adding time to my desk and day. Is anyone from Smartsheet monitoring this feedback and all of these inputs?

Another vote for bringing back tabs in Smartsheet, or a least the option to chose between using Smartsheet or browser tabs.

Please bring back tabs, really slows down workflow without them.