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  • Receive an emailed attachment on submission of form.
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    Im creating a shipping request sheet and have created a form so people can submit address details etc . Once submitted this will go to a department for approval. I would also like an attachment to be sent with the email . For example, the …
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  • Free Webinar: Collaborate on Content with Proofing
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    Join us January 27th for our webinar "Collaborate on Content with Proofing." On this webinar you will learn how your team can review and approve content with Smartsheet Proofing. We will be hosting 3 sessions across multiple time…
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  • Docusign Integration - Attach final Envelope as separate docs?
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    We are using a Template Docusign Envelope (with multiple documents in the envelope) and sending that via Smartsheet Generate Docs Docusign Integration. When the doc envelope is complete, the document attaches as one combined PDF in Smartsh…
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  • Attachment Link through Automated Notification Expiring After 14 Days
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    I see that attachment links are set to expire after 30 days or 100x clicked. It looks like this is referring to files sent manually through Smartsheet. I'm having issues with the links expiring after 14 days through AUTOMATED notification…
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  • Maximum Downloads
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    Has anyone ever encountered this issue? We sent out a single line from SmartSheet that held four attachments to approximately 180 individuals to download. For most it worked wonderfully. Now, we're getting this message: "Unable to dow…
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  • Alerts Not Sending Even if Adding an Attachment is the Trigger
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    I'm trying to create an alert so that when someone attaches a file to a row, the attachment and row information gets sent to someone else, but I can't seem to get it to work. Here's the workflow set-up: I DO get an alert if a new row is a…
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  • Linking directly to files from a dashboard?
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    I understand there is no way to link directly to a file from dashboard unless it is in a cloud-based storage program. Has anyone found a workaround? We don't use this kind of storage and I want to be able to link directly to files.  Savin…
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  • Sending automation (alert) including an attachement
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    Hi, I have row with either one or two PDFs attached that the document builder just created based on the data from the row. I'd like to add an automated trigger to send the attachments to the user (contact in a column). Is there a way to ju…
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    Answered - Pending Review 19 views 2 comments Most recent by Zsolt Using Smartsheet
  • Attachment in an online Form
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    Hello, I have creeated an online form but I need that people can add an attachment (image). Anyone knows if this is possible and how?  I guess it is possible as this form I am filling in has  this feature. Thanks you for your help Ugo …
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  • Graphs from Excel into Smartsheet
    In API & Developers
    Is there a way to take a graph that was created in Excel and import it into a Smartsheet? I can do it via a dashboard but I would like to have it directly on the sheet with the data. 
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