Calendar App Integration with MS Outlook

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Hi Smartsheet community,

Having issues on setting up access to a Smartsheet Calendar App in Outlook. Just a quick clarification that this is a different the same question as setting up a sheet Calendar View in Outlook (answer for that found here).

After logging into, I've enabled "Publish" for my calendar of interest.

  • I've copied the "Published Via Link" URL, and added it into Outlook; "Add calendar via Internet".
  • At first I got an Outlook error that says "We can't add the calendar for.... right now. Please try again later", however this was a known MS issue that can be resolved by disabling Outlook's "Turn on shared calendar improvements" in the advanced Account settings.
  • After disabling in Outlook's advanced settings, the Outlook error disappears but fails to sync my Calendar App calendar of interest.
  • However, I am now able to sync a published Calendar View sheet with no problem. I would still like to have my dedicated calendar setup on Calendar App sync with Outlook instead to maximize its features.

Extra info that may be helpful:

Is there an issue with the formatting? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




  • Ric T
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    Smartsheet Support team was helpful to provide the following:

    "There currently isn't a way to connect Calendar app with Microsoft Outlook in Smartsheet. I found a similar feature request from another customer in the online Community, here."