Countifs with Multiple Criteria


Hi - I need assistance with building a =COUNTIFS formula with multiple criteria. Here is my current equation (that I am getting a '0' on)

Current Equation: =COUNTIFS({B23 Delegation Registration Status Region}, "SOAF", {B23 Delegation Registration Status Registration G}, "Athlete" + "Unified Partner" + "Medical Staff" + "Additional Staff" + "Head Coach / Coach")

I am currently looking at a registration sheet for an event. I need to count how many registrations that have the criteria (for this example "SOAF") in the range {B23 Delegation Registration Status Region} , but also include the criteria of Athlete, Unified Partner, Medical Staff, Additional Staff and Head Coach / Coach in the range {B23 Delegation Registration Status Registration G}.

Is there another formula that I should be using to capture all of this criteria?

Thank you!

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