Sheet filtering disabled in Workapps???

Is there a reason why the ability to filter a sheet is disabled (greyed out) when I go into Workapps? I am the Admin and asking data owners to work within this environment, but they will need to filter the sheet as necessary. Thoughts?


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @James Wesley ,

    How you can interact with the contents in your Workapp will normally be determined by your role and its permissions in it. If you find that you can't filter or edit any of the items within a specific view of a Workapp, this will probably due to the permissions of your role being restricted to that end even if you have sufficient permissions in the underlying item. To make sure that each user has the required permissions, please make sure that their email addresses are included in a role that has the intended permissions within that particular Workapp.

    If this doesn't fully reflect what you are reporting or I have misinterpreted you, please include some captures of the particular Workapp view as well as the particular role that you have in that Workapp within your environment so that I can further advise.



  • James Wesley
    James Wesley ✭✭✭✭

    HI @Julio S. Thanks for the reply! I am an Admin building out a view for a large team. I have a Licensed User that runs a particular region and is unable to create filters in her sheet via Workapps (she has edit access to that sheet in Workapps), but can do so directly in the sheet. Same for me.

    From what I've been told from my Smartsheet Success Manager is that only shared filters can be used in Workapps in this situation.

  • Was a resolution to this found? im having the same issue and would love to get an answer.

  • seems to the only way to achieve this within Workapps is through a Dynamic View -- which isn't what I really want to be honest